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VSCFF Fall 2018 Newsletter

Click here to see the VSCFF Fall 2018 Newsletter. Articles include Fossil Free VSC, CCV Contract Wins & the Second Annual VSC Symposium.


VSCFF Winter 2017 Newsletter

Click here to download: Special Edition: Reclaiming the Promise, Part-Time Bargaining, and Solidarity with CCV Faculty

Tentative Agreement reached at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

On June 30th, the Brattleboro Federation of Nurses negotiation team reached a tentative agreement with hospital management. This agreement does not go into effect unless and until members ratify the agreement.

A ratification vote will be held on Friday, July 22nd at BMH (room TBD). Members may also request an absentee ballot by emailing

Highlights of the Agreement include:


VSCUP Tentative Agreement

On June 9th, our union reached a tentative agreement on our contract. The agreement will not go into effect unless and until a majority of members who vote, check YES on the ballot.

Click here for a summary of the key issues of the tentative agreement and here for a full summary.


Brattleboro Federation of Nurses Contract Survey 2016

Download the survey as a Word file here:


1.  What changes in your work environment would make your life better.  If more than one, please rank in order of importance.





2.  What, if any, safety concerns, do you have in your area of work.




3.  What staffing issues would you like to see improved?