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Political Leaders Speak out to Support Faculty and Staff Against Regressive Cuts by UVM Administration

Vermont leaders are sounding the alarm on highly regressive cuts being made to non-tenured faculty (lecturers) and staff at the University of Vermont.

The UVM administration plan a 25% pay cut to over 70 full-time lecturers. These educators make a little over $60,000 per year, on average. Many teach hundreds of students per semester. Part-time lecturers and staff members also face cuts. Lecturers make up more than half the UVM faculty.


Respect for Support Staff at UVMMC

At the opening of VFNHP-Nurse negotiations with the UVMMC administration, all of the VFNHP proposals were designed to:

* Protect and improve patient care
* Provide safety and respect
* Improve benefits and compensation to recruit and retain nurses and support staff

Nurses, technical professionals and all staff who agree should add your name here.


AFT Vermont Endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for President

AFT Vermont proudly endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for our next President.  He has spent his career fighting for our union here in Vermont and has walked more picket lines than all the other candidates combined. He has used his platform to empower the working class and marginalized communities. 


Support Fair First Contract at CCV

Send a message to CCV President, Joyce Judy, that all faculty deserve RESPECT and a fair contract. Click here to join with hundreds of Vermonters calling for Justice for CCV Faculty.


Contact your Senator: NO on VLRB Appointment

The Vermont Labor Relations Board is comprised of two labor, two management and two neutral Board Members.

Governor Phil Scott has appointed a VLRB Board member, Karen O'Neill for the NEUTRAL position, that has spent most of their life working for MANAGEMENT.

O'Neill has been a shareholder in Gravel & Shea, a management law firm that boasts:"In both the pubilic and private sectors, we have successfully defeated union organizing drives."


Vermonters Rallying to support Occupying Wall Street on October 15th

Wall Street tanked our economy. We now have record job losses, home foreclosures, and much more. They got bailed out, while we got left out.  That’s why we support the brave people Occupying Wall Street.  This is our time to fight for good family supporting jobs and make Wall Street pay their fair share. Rally with us October 15th in Burlington, Brattleboro, Montpelier, or Rutland.


Vermont Needs to Stand and be Heard Against the Preibus Attack

 The United Professions AFT VT,  VT NEA, Teamsters, VT Workers Center, and VSEA ask you to stand with us to protest the Vermont speaking appearance of Reince Preibus,  the widely recognized architect of the assault on workers in Wisconsin.  We are disappointed by the invitation to him and we intend to send a strong message that we will not sit idle, as he spreads his anti-worker, anti-middle class, anti-equality ideology to Vermont. We will be meeting  Wednesday, April 13th at Church & Pearl St at 5:15 PM, departing at 5:30 PM, marching down Pearl Street to the Hilton Hotel on Battery Street.