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AFT Vermont Lobby Days 2019

Click here for the printable AFT Vermont Lobby Days 2019.

Wednesday, January 30: 11a-5:30 (4p Reception for Legislators)

Wednesday, February 20: 7:30a-1p (8a Coffee for Legislators

Wednesday, March 20: 10a-2p

For all Legislative Action Days

* Orientation/Update
* Meet with your State Senators and Representatives
* Noon: Working Vermont Legislative Caucus

* Hearings on key bills (if possible)
* Next steps—take the fight back to your workplace & legislative district


AFT Vermont members  have ratified a  2019-20 Legislative Agenda that includes:

* Free Tuition at VSC and UVM for all Vermonters

* Improve Healthcare for all Vermonters
—Healthcare as a Human Right —Safe Patient Handling
—HC Professional on GMCB —Transparency of the Cost of Procedures
—Safe Patient Ratios —Cap Compensation for Hospital Admin

For the full platform click here

To sign up for legislative updates or legislative action days send an email to:

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