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Tentative Agreement reached at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

On June 30th, the Brattleboro Federation of Nurses negotiation team reached a tentative agreement with hospital management. This agreement does not go into effect unless and until members ratify the agreement.

A ratification vote will be held on Friday, July 22nd at BMH (room TBD). Members may also request an absentee ballot by emailing

Highlights of the Agreement include:

Oct16 2% Step or Bonus (if on top step)
Apr17 2.5%
Oct17 2% Step or Bonus (if on top step)
Apr18 2%
Oct18 2% Step or Bonus (if on top step)
Apr19 2%

LPN Catch-up Oct16: $.25 added to each step Oct16: New step 26 Oct17: New step 27

Health Insurance and Retirement: Lock in current benefits.

Urgent pay: Management may offer urgent pay (two times the employee’s base rate) to fulfill staffing needs. Management must offer urgent pay if the unit needs additional staff within twenty-four hours (24) hours from the start of the shift. (Mandatory or Voluntary)

Floating: Maintain current restrictions

Click here for the full summary.

Click here for the actual tentative agreements.

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