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AFT Vermont Organizational Priorities 2018-20

AFT Vermont is statewide federation, a union of more than 5000 professionals and one of the fastest growing unions in Vermont. As an organization, we are committed to supporting our locals in building power in the following ways:

Member Engagement & Development

  • Develop and implement a robust new employee orientation and new member follow up in each local

  • Develop and implement a plan to engage every member of the union in at least one activity to build the union every year

  • Develop and implement a plan to engage every non-member of the union every year to join with us and to join their union.

  • Develop and implement a member communication structure of 1:10  for real communication and power

  • Engage in leadership development, including Steward and Officer trainings, 1:1 mentorships and skill development (communication, strategy, legislative, etc.)

Contract Negotiations and Enforcement

  • Work with locals to build and deploy member, community and political power to win and enforce the best contracts possible.

Political and Legislative

  • Build a statewide Committee on Political Engagement (COPE) that has an identified AFT Vermont leader in every house district.

  • Build a COPE committee that has a point person from every local who organizes other members within the local to be active in elections and in achieving AFT Vermont legislative priorities and communicates with members through the 1:10 communication structures in each local.

Labor and Community Solidarity

  • Build county (regional) based political and labor solidarity organizations that meet with leaders from other unions on a regular basis to develop solidarity and legislative projects.

  • Support labor and community struggles and campaigns to build a better Vermont.

Organize the Unorganized

  • Continue to organize the unorganized, prioritizing healthcare and higher education professionals, in our existing workplaces, and across Vermont.

  • Communicate our victories to the public so that they see the value of union organized work places.


AFT Vermont Organizational Priorities can also be found here.


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