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May 1st Healthcare is a Human Right Rally is a Huge Success

United Professions AFT VT Members at May 1st Healthcare is a Human Right Rally
United Professions AFT VT was the largest contingent at the May 1st Healthcare is a Human Right march and rally. Thousands of Vermonters  converged on the statehouse on May 1st in a demonstration to show that Vermont should be the first state to demand  healthcare as a human right.
Senator Bernie Saunders, a longtime advocate of universal care, called it a “moral disgrace” that the U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t guarantee health care for all of its people. I want you to pass a single-payer health care program in Vermont.”
Mari Cordes, RN
“As an evolved society, we must support equal access to healthcare for all citizens. When the door is open for all to receive health and wellness care, everyone in society benefits. Cost is reduced because serious illness is prevented. We urge our legislators and Governor to do the right thing: to support the principle that health care is a human right – it is a public good and not a commodity - and work with us to lead the nation in creating significant reform for not-for-profit, quality, universal healthcare for all.”
CLICK HERE for more information on the rally.

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