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MIDDLEBURY, VT -- On November 7th Porter nurses voted 72-58 to form their union and join Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, AFT Vermont. The nurses voted yes despite an onslaught of aggressive anti-union tactics by the hospital administration.

Because 16 of the votes cast were challenged by one side or the other and thus not counted, the National Labor Relations Board will hold hearings to determine the final tally.   

Alice Leo, RN, explained, “We voted yes for Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals because we want to be strong advocates for quality patient


State supported higher education provides opportunities for children of working families to earn a degree and live a middle class life. State colleges and universities also provide workers opportunities to further their careers with affordable continuing education and certifications. Whether it is an early educator who wants to provide the best possible service for the children she cares for, or a recent high school graduate who isn’t sure yet what he wants to do for his career, Vermonters should have access to high quality, affordable higher education.

A majority (84%) of Vermonters who go to


Nurses are held in high regard. Gallup's Annual Honesty and Ethics Poll Shows Nurses are again at the top for the 11th year in a row!