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State supported higher education provides opportunities for children of working families to earn a degree and live a middle class life. State colleges and universities also provide workers opportunities to further their careers with affordable continuing education and certifications. Whether it is an early educator who wants to provide the best possible service for the children she cares for, or a recent high school graduate who isn’t sure yet what he wants to do for his career, Vermonters should have access to high quality, affordable higher education.

A majority (84%) of Vermonters who go to


Please help reclaim the promise for Sodexo workers at VSC and UVM by clicking here.

Sodexo, the company with the contract to provide food for students, staff and faculty at the Vermont State Colleges and at UVM, has slashed employees benefits purportedly because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)--and then told employees that they are not allowed to talk about the reductions. 

Hundreds of students, staff, faculty and community members have stood up and asked Sodexo to restore their hours. 

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The Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals win improved patient care protections in latest contract with Fletcher Allen.


“In these negotiations, we find that we are once again fighting to ensure that Fletcher Allen respects the importance of our work, improves staffing, and continues working with us to ensure our ability to follow best practices and provide safe patient care. We Put Patients First every day, and we ask the same of Fletcher Allen.”


With a vote of 16-13, the Vermont State Senate voted to grant child care providers the right to choose to collectively bargain with the state over issues the state controls. The child care providers will be partners with the state in setting policies related to their profession.


AFT Vermont members will be joining in the May 1st march and rally in Montpelier as part of the movement to Put People First, including health care for all and higher education free from oppressive debt.