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Click here to send a message to your legislators and Gov. Phil Scott asking them to support the right to organize through Card Check in the public sector.

While a majority of workers in the U.S. would like to join a union, they must overcome substantial barriers to coming together and winning union certification.

In order to join a union, workers must first collect “authorization cards” from people who are in the defined bargaining unit, that state that those people want to join a union.

Once a majority of workers in the bargaining unit have signed cards indicating they want to join the union


Click here for the printable AFT Vermont Lobby Days 2019.

Wednesday, January 30: 11a-5:30 (4p Reception for Legislators)

Wednesday, February 20: 7:30a-1p (8a Coffee for Legislators

Wednesday, March 20: 10a-2p

For all Legislative Action Days

* Orientation/Update
* Meet with your State Senators and Representatives
* Noon: Working Vermont Legislative Caucus

* Hearings on key bills (if possible)
* Next steps—take the fight back to your workplace & legislative district


AFT Vermont members  have ratified a  2019-20 Legislative Agenda that includes:

* Free Tuition at VSC and UVM for all Vermonters

* Improve


AFT Vermont's 2018 Candidate Endorsements can be found here. 

The endorsements were made based on the following criteria:

* requests for endorsements
* proven track records of standing with working Vermonters and their unions
* commitments to standing up in the statehouse for AFT Vermont's legislative priorities, including
--Free In-State Tuition
--Improving Healthcare for all Vermonters
--Increasing State Funding for Public Higher Education
--Increasing the State Minimum Wage
To view AFT Vermont's full list of legislative priorities, click here. 


Our Union of more than 5000 healthcare and higher education professionals organize in our workplace and in the legislature for a better Vermont. AFT Vermont's 2019-20 legislative priorities can be found here


Click here to see the legislative letter

Click here to ask your legislator to sign on to the letter

Nurses and Legislators are asking the Green Mountain Care Board to delay approving any UVMMC Budget until after there is a signed agreement between the administration and the nurses.

The UVM Medical Center network will be presenting its proposed budget to the Green Mountain Care Board on August 23.

We are very concerned with the increase in the number of executives and with ever-increasing executive compensation. In addition, the extensive use of traveling nurses by the UVM Medical Center


AFT Vermont's 5000 members are higher education and healthcare professionals who live in every county of the state. Our members are committed to making higher education and healthcare better for all Vermonters through collective bargaining and participation in the legislative and political processes.

Our 2018 legislative platform can be found here.

To get more involved, contact us at


State supported higher education provides opportunities for children of working families to earn a degree and live a middle class life. State colleges and universities also provide workers opportunities to further their careers with affordable continuing education and certifications. Whether it is an early educator who wants to provide the best possible service for the children she cares for, or a recent high school graduate who isn’t sure yet what he wants to do for his career, Vermonters should have access to high quality, affordable higher education.

AFT Vermont believes the state of Vermont