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A message from Ben Johnson, UP AFT Vermont President

 Like all of the members of our political committee I am a union member like you.  I am a librarian at Vermont Tech and belong to one of your sister unions in United Professions. 

We want to support candidates that support our issues.

  Our political committee put together a questionnaire on the issues that we identified as being our top priorities.  We sent the questionnaires to the Republican, the Progressive (her candidacy wasn't announced until we were nearly done with the process.) and the five Democratic candidates.

 We then invited all the candidates who returned their questionnaires to come in for follow-up interviews.  When we completed those, we considered their written responses as well as their interview performance.  It was clear to us that several of the candidates were worthy of support.

Regardless of which candidate you support please do vote! 

Your voice should be heard.

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