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Nurses and Legislators are asking the Green Mountain Care Board to delay approving any UVMMC Budget until after there is a signed agreement between the administration and the nurses.

The UVM Medical Center network will be presenting its proposed budget to the Green Mountain Care Board on August 23.

We are very concerned with the increase in the number of executives and with ever-increasing executive compensation. In addition, the extensive use of traveling nurses by the UVM Medical Center


Send a message to CCV President, Joyce Judy, that all faculty deserve RESPECT and a fair contract. Click here to join with hundreds of Vermonters calling for Justice for CCV Faculty.


The Vermont Labor Relations Board is comprised of two labor, two management and two neutral Board Members.

Governor Phil Scott has appointed a VLRB Board member, Karen O'Neill for the NEUTRAL position, that has spent most of their life working for MANAGEMENT.

O'Neill has been a shareholder in Gravel & Shea, a management law firm that boasts:"In both the pubilic and private sectors, we have successfully defeated union organizing drives."

​O'Neill has also been involved with the decision to gut VSEA's healthcare. 

*****URGENT: Call your Senators TODAY*****

Call 802-828-2228
(Monday-Friday between 8


MONTPELIER, VT -- Ballots from 435 Community College of Vermont (CCV) faculty were counted Thursday at the Vermont Labor Relations Board. CCV faculty voted by mail on the question of whether to join the AFT Vermont union. 300 CCV faculty voted yes to join AFT Vermont (70% of ballots cast) in order to negotiate for an improved CCV for faculty and students. The final tally was 300 voting for the union, 131 opposed, and 4 spoiled ballots.

"This is a very exciting moment for faculty," said Emily Casey a CCV Faculty member from the Winooski Campus. "We have been organizing our union for many years


We have a signed CAP program that provides bonuses of $1000-$2000 per year to RNs who attain and maintain a higher level of clinical practice.  Details can be found here.


We won a major victory when we settled a grievance concerning overtime that placed Helen Porter RNs on the same wage scale as Porter Hospital RNs. The grievance settlement led to an average base pay increase of $2.72.

Jerilyn Langsdon, RN, Helen Porter Memory Care Unit representative, started the ball rolling on this back in August. When Jerilyn received a memo that PMC was changing the overtime pay structure at Helen Porter, she recognized it as a potential contract violation and contacted her union. 

We filed a grievance, which ultimately led to this settlement.

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