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We have a signed CAP program that provides bonuses of $1000-$2000 per year to RNs who attain and maintain a higher level of clinical practice.  Details can be found here.


We won a major victory when we settled a grievance concerning overtime that placed Helen Porter RNs on the same wage scale as Porter Hospital RNs. The grievance settlement led to an average base pay increase of $2.72.

Jerilyn Langsdon, RN, Helen Porter Memory Care Unit representative, started the ball rolling on this back in August. When Jerilyn received a memo that PMC was changing the overtime pay structure at Helen Porter, she recognized it as a potential contract violation and contacted her union. 

We filed a grievance, which ultimately led to this settlement.

If something doesn’t seem right


Vermont higher education faces the problem of chronic underfunding of its public postsecondary institutions that results in inadequate resources for instruction and academic support while creating an overreliance on tuition dollars. This problem has grown since a decision in the 1980s to pursue a "high tuition / high aid" approach for state funding, coupled with subsequent overall state disinvestment. AFT Vermont recognizes that these issues are at the core of the state's challenge in sustaining a high quality system of public higher education and this report proposes ways to turn back the


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We are fighting back and fighting forward.  Come talk with your colleagues about the year ahead.


September 27, 2014

9 AM to 4 PM

Stoweflake Resort

1746 Mountain Road, Stowe


We will also have a Reception from 4-6 pm, and you are welcome to join us for some casual conversation during that time.


Rsvp to 802.658.3113 or


AFT Vermont today joined with thousands of other AFT members across the country to Reclaim the Promise of public higher education, early education, and affordable, accessible health care. The group launched its 2014 legislative agenda and celebrated the support of two key Vermont state senators.

Watch the video here.

AFT Vermont President Ben Johnson kicked off the event, saying, "December the 9th is a Day of Action, and so on this occasion, we want to look forward to some of the things we will be doing this year to Reclaim the Promise of public higher education and early education." 

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